Ako Roshi is an Esports organization dedicated to mobile games founded by LokkeDerBoss in January of 2018. We started in Clash Royale with a small German team but with high hopes. Since there we were growing bigger and faster until today.

Currently, we already have teams in 3 regions with really good players that are always ready for big leagues and events. For almost 3 months now, our teams have been signing up regularly with all sorts of leagues in order to further challenge ourselves and show our dominance. This has made us one of the most famous teams in the world.

Our goal is therefore to be in the top 3 in all competitions in order to fulfill our services and to spread our brand.


Clash Royale

First place in Liquid Clash League Season 1.

Clash Royale

2nd and 4th place in Red Bull M.E.O by ESL in Dortmund.


Brawl Stars

First place in 1. Clutch Esports Brawl Stars tournament.

Brawl Stars

First place in Bigspin Brawl Stars tournament.

Clash Royale

First and 3rd place in the German Clash Royale Championship.

Clash Royale

Top 4 RPL Europa Summer 2018.

Clash Royale

First place in Modern League Season 1.

Clash Royale

2nd place in the ESWC Clanwars Finals by Samsung.

Our Staff



Founder and leader


Apac and NA leader



General Manager


chief marketing officer


jo jonas

Jo Jonas is a 19 years old Clash Royale & Brawl Stars player and streamer. On his channel you will learn a lot of things at the same time you have fun!

star light

Star Light is a Professional Clash Royale Player from our NA Team! But also a really fun content creator of twitch and youtube. On his channel you will learn a lot of things about the game, new decks, tips, but mostly, how to be a pro with Golem!



head designer